Thursday, January 26, 2006

Life throws me a change-up...

So, I went on a date tonight. Rare occurrence these days since I'm very picky about who I'll date. As I get older, I have a clearer idea of what I find attractive and what I won't tolerate. When I was in my twenties... if you had a pretty face and could flirt your way into a date, you were on. Not so much these days, especially not with the ex coming back now and again. Anyways, I had a dinner date tonight with a woman that I've been casually acquainted with for a couple of years. We were both with other women when we meet so, while I thought she was beautiful and interesting, nothing ever came of it. My ex and I broke up a little over 2 years ago. She and her ex broke up earlier last year but have continued to do the lesbian lambada... breaking up and getting back together again... repeat. Damn, that dance seems to go on and on even when the music has clearly stopped.

I was a bit surprised when she asked for my number a couple months ago, and then not too surprised when she didn't call. I ran into her at the bar this past weekend and she said she would call. I didn't hold my breath. BUT. Lo and behold, call she did, the very next day. So, we chatted, decided on dinner plans and picked tonight as the big night. So far... so good. We're both single and seemingly willing to "mingle". Yipee!

So, today, I call and ask her for directions to where she lives... she begins to explain where her condo is and I get a little distracted by the dog barking at only God-knows-what so I just jot down directions and tell her I'll pick her up at 8:00. As I head in that direction earlier tonight, looking for the name of her condo complex, I realize that it's a former apartment complex. MY former apartment complex. Rehabbed to the gills and sold for far more than they are really worth, a couple of years ago. As I drive further into the complex, I realize that she lives across the breezeway from MY old apartment. She lives in #6, I used to live in #5... of the same building! All this would not normally be anything but "Huh, cool coincidence." except for the fact that #5 is the place I most associate with the ex.

Dinner was good, I'm not entirely sure the same could be said about my company. Ah well, I least I went down swingin'.


At 8:39 PM, January 27, 2006, Blogger mernitman said...

Bummer... but did it go so bad that it's definitely already Over "over"? Maybe she can see past your (understandably) rattled company.

At 12:59 AM, January 28, 2006, Blogger writergurl said...

Well, she can't see past something I didn't tell her about... "Sorry if I'm a little out of it tonight. I'm having flashbacks to the love of my life. Oh, no reason really, it's just that you live directly across from where we spent most of our time together." just doesn't seem to be a good thing to say in the first minute of a first date.


At 12:52 AM, February 01, 2006, Blogger oneslackmartian said...

" Ah well, I least I went down swingin'."

Just trying to learn the lingo.

(i'm so freakin' sophomoric)

At 12:59 AM, February 01, 2006, Blogger writergurl said...

Slack... what are we gonna so with you? *shakes head*

Dude, I struck out!

At 4:22 PM, February 03, 2006, Anonymous Lucy said...

I have had FAR more disastrous dates than the other just freaking out about where I live. When I was still dating, one fella turned up with a wedding ring and a baby seat in the back of his car and told me within literally 5 mins he and his wife had an "open marriage" (that's an escape out the toilet window scenario for sure). Another turned up (admittedly a blind date - kicked my mate's ass for this one) with BLUE hair on a micro scooter and told me he didn't see his ten yr old son as it was "better that way" and that he didn't work because "he needed to concentrate on his music", which, as it turned out was human beat-boxing. Hmmm. I even went out with a guy who did nothing but meditate and had one leg. (Oh, and that last one was 42, his son and even his DOG was older than me...ok, the dog is an exaggeration). You should call her, even explain. She may understand. And if she doesn't, you haven't lost anything. Good luck! : )

At 6:04 PM, February 06, 2006, Blogger writergurl said...


Wow, I know I didn't stink it up THAT bad. I was just a bit inattentive and not really "there" if you know what I mean. It's Ok though, I am after all, moving to LA so there's no sense in getting all involved with someone in Atlanta.

I've spoken to her and we're cool.

Thanks for the moral support!

At 2:14 PM, February 07, 2006, Anonymous Lucy said...

You're welcome! There are some crazy people out there. I'm just thankful I'm off the market now, going by my siblings' dates ; ) Joke!


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