Thursday, July 20, 2006

Feels like 103....

degrees that is...

It's CRAZY hot here in the Southeast and I'm about to roast to death working on this house...

Things that have already been done...

All of the demolition has been taken care of, the nasty carpet (that no one EVER vaccumed) has gone bye-bye, just like the kitchen cabinets and that horrid flooring have, along with the 1970's style (tacky ass) wrought iron columns the were "supporting" the carport.

The ugly black gloss paint on the trim of the house has been covered in a nice crisp white (a coat of Kilz and 3.. yes 3 coats of paint later), I have created columns for the carport, leveled the kitchen floor, installed slate (yes, SLATE) and put together all the kitchen cabinets for installation (tomorrow). We've bought stainless steel appliances (Craigslist... gotta love getting a whale of a deal on the stove and sink, faucet,refrig and dishwasher!), and I'm going to make a granite tiled counter top. So, by Monday, the entire kitchen will be done... Oh, and I got the coolest lighting... halogens on wires!

They look like this:

The cabinets look like this:

The slate looks like this:

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Amelie Mauresmo wins Wimbeldon!

The only "Out" female tennis player has won her first Wimbeldon title!


Amelie Mauresmo affirmed her lesbianism back in 1999, after being called "half a man" by Martin Hingis. She's the only female tennis player who's been out of the closet for her entire professional career. She is only the 2nd lesbian to win such a prestigious event. (I don't count Billie Jean King as she's not really a lesbian, having been married for quite number of years before getting divorced in 1987.)

Amelie Mauresmo and her then lover, in 1999. According to wikipedia, she has a new girlfriend which she has kept out of the spotlight.