Saturday, September 24, 2005

My dog has perfect timing...

This is my baby, Sophie.

This photo was taken (by moi) of Sophie in the park near where we live. Sophie and I take walks around the park on an infrequent basis mainly because I have a fenced in yard for her to run around in and do her "business". Also, anywhere outdoors, during high summer, in the South, is no place for a fur wearing girl like her. Since it's been cooling down in the evenings, we've stepped up the pace a little and have been doing the park thing more. She loves going to P.A.R.K., since she loves to smell everything and adores chasing squirrels. She's never caught one, but damn if she doesn't give it her all.

The other night, we're walking through the park (think Central Park in a major Southern city) when a very effeminate gay man spied her and began to admire my child (admit it, she's a stunner).

Girly man: Oh, what a gorgeous dog!
Me: Thank you.
Girly man: Is that a boy or a girl?
Me: Oh, she's a girl.

At that moment, my child decides to HIKE her leg and pee.

The very girly man looks at me and laughs. I just give a "What can I do?" shrug.

Girly man: I thought you said she was a girl.
Me: Well, she gets a little confused sometimes.
Girly man: Oh, gurl... it's okay, so do I.

The last part was flung over girly man's shoulder as he chante'd and sahshayed away from me and my apparently gender confused child.


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