Thursday, June 29, 2006

I never believed in Nostradamus before...

Now, I believe...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

That ol' black magic....

So, this past Saturday night, I went to an old friend's birthday party... where I ran into a woman that I dated years ago. Here's how it came about...

J: Hey, have you seen C?

Me: C?

J: Yeah.

Me: Is she here? Did she drive up from Columbus?

J: No.

Me: Wait. Huh?

J: She moved back up here.

Me: She did!? When!?

J: Why'nt you ask her yourself? She's right over there...

Me: Huh?

Frankly folks, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I hadn't seen her in a good 10 years and I had no clue that she had moved back to Atlanta. But, there she was. A blast from the past... who's still a knockout. It sure didn't look like time had taken any toll on her. Maybe it's those green eyes, that still slim body or the quick kiss she gave me when we said good bye... whatever it was, she still looks "hot". I'm sure her current girlfriend would agree.

To keep this post tied to the screenwriting thing, I'll share a fond memory of "C" and I's dating history. One night she came over to my house for dinner and a movie (I had picked up "Tin Men" earlier that day.) We were still in the early stages of dating so it was inevitable that we would, at some point in the night, be making out... Before playing the movie, I asked her if she had seen the movie, she said she hadn't but wanted to and I told her that I loved Richard Dreyfuss and Danny Devito so we should really enjoy the movie. Ok, cut to about 45 minutes to an hour into the film, and recall the "inevitably making out" part... I had been kissing her neck on and off for a while when, for some reason, I asked her how she liked the movie. She responded with something that still puts a smile on my face.

C:(in a daze) "Movie? What movie?"

To this day, I've never seen "Tin Men". Not all of it anyways.

Ever wonder how you let THAT ONE get away?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jus' a splash of pink!

Told you it was U.G.L.Y!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What the HELL has she been doing?

She don't call, she don't write and she sho as hell ain't been bloggin'! Did she up and move and not tell nobody?


Forgive me, peeps, for I have been MIA. I've barely written a thing in a couple weeks (and my stats are suffering for it). Wanna know why? Ok, kiddies, pull up a chair and Mama WG will do some show and tell...

See this?

This, comrades, is a house that I will be closing on in 5 days. Yep, 5 days.

Wait one ding dang sec, there! Wudn't she 'posed to move to LA?

Well, see, here's the thing... those people in LA... they think a WHOLE LOT of their real estate. So much more than we do in the South. 800sq foot for $1650 a month is NOT anyone's idea of Southern hospitality, although it seems that it IS LA's idea of "hospitality". So, I'm going to be spending something close to $3300.00 before I move in for a place to park the furniture and lay my head at night? YIKES! Additional monies for a security deposit, and MORE money (this time, non-refundable) for my darling Sophie... and (how the hell do I get the bug-eyed I'm shocked simile to show here?) they want to charge an additional PER MONTH pet rent? Holey moley, you LA folks are sho proud of your apartments! THEN, there's the 3K to move my furniture across the nation, and THEN there's the flying out there to LOOK at the above mentioned "apartments", and the flying back to collect my puppy Sophie, (Yeah, so what if she's 9? She'll always be MY puppy.. just like you'll always be yo Momma's "baby"... she don't care if you ARE 50!) only to fly both of us BACK out there, and then buying a vehicle upon arrival since we all know that "Walking in in LA" is a great song, but, really, not that much fun or practical!

BIG BUCKS, which, frankly, I don't feel like spending. Oh, I can cover it, but THEN what? Job? Hmmm, well, yes, I do have a very portable job but you know, it would take a few months (at the very least) to get a good buzz going about my remodeling skills. I'm not foolish enough to think that my screenwriting will be paying the bills from day one... so let's see... roughly 8-9K to make the MOVE and then... only a (VERY) thin cushion afterwards? Nah, see, I don't think so.

So? Did WG give up on the idea of screenwriting and moving out to LA to meet, greet and conquer?


Just thought I'd buy a coupla houses that are in dire need of re-habbing, fix them and sell them (after they've gotten the special sprinkling of fairy dust only I can give them), saving my profits so that I CAN move out there and have a FAT cushion to park my behind on.

The picture above is of the house that my best friend and I have found (painstakingly searching for it was mostly MY job since he wouldn't know a good deal if it bit him... yet. I'll learn him.) Here's a few pictures of the inside of the house... consider these "before"s and I'll post "after"s when we are ready to sell the thing.

The back of the house... needs LOTS of help. When next you see it, it'll have french doors and a new deck. The tree is going bye-bye.

From the inside, looking out. This needs some cleaning, some paint and refinishing of the hardwoods.

Yeah, I know... not pretty! Don't worry, it will be.

So, for the next coupla months... you know where to find me. For the most part, I'll be MIA from blogging. Somehow, with the workload staring at me, I doubt I'll have much time to show up here. I'll try to post every few days, but no promises! No, I'm not abandoning blogging or screenwriting, just making a practical choice.

Stay tuned for "before" pictures of the bathroom (Run! Really! It's scary in there!)